Bespoke Jewellery

Powells Fine Jewellery’s bespoke service offers you the possibility to create your own custom jewellery to signify the most memorable occasions in your life.

We are proud to offer a fully bespoke jewellery design service that caters to all price ranges. Whether it’s devising a completely new design concept or the remodelling your own or inherited jewellery, our experienced and friendly in-house team will be there to help guide you through each step of the process, assisting you with the creation of your unique handmade jewel.


During the first consultation, we will discuss your ideas, inspiration, materials, stones and budget. From these important conversations we will build up sketches of your jewellery. A decision as to how your piece of jewellery is made will​ then take place - either by hand or by using the latest CAD technology.


We pride ourselves in having an amazing network of suppliers, and in sourcing, we feel this is where we really do excel. We have formed special relationships having worked with some of our suppliers for close to 50 years, ensuring they have the same passion as we do for what we are working towards creating.


Handmade - We are lucky enough to work with several talented and some award-winning goldsmiths, silversmiths, craftsmen and craftswomen within workshops across the country. We believe that having this choice of talented craftsmen gives us an upper hand in selecting the best possible skill set when it comes to creating your precious piece of jewellery.

CAD – We use these same talented craftsmen to set and finish all our CAD designed and made pieces to ensure they are completed to the highest of possible standards.

Finished Piece

We promise to put our hearts into crafting your piece of jewellery and we can’t wait to share the passion with you that goes into making your unique piece! More than that, we look forward to getting to know you and your family, hearing your stories and making something that you, and possibly the rest of your family, will love for generations to come.